Emily is a great instructor–her patience with the people is really appreciated. Learning the different training techniques can be difficult, but Emily’s ability to make you feel at ease and to encourage you and your dog along the way makes the process very rewarding for both you and your pet.

~Christina and Ray Korpi

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It is a pleasure to work with Emily.  She understands dogs, especially my wild puppy, and can demonstrate and execute effective training techniques in any setting.
As a in-home pet sitter she was over the top with integrity, special
attention to my dog, and excellent management of our home.  When I came home from a trip my son said, “The house looks better now than when we left”.

~Sherry Hoff

“Emily’s insight into my dog’s personality has given Princess & I the confidence to enter the marvelous world of dogs!”


Hero absolutely LOVES Emily. She has been working with him in several classes over the last 9 months. But so much of Hero’s training is really about educating me how to work best with him. So in addition to being a good animal trainer, she is a good people trainer!

~Valerie and Hero

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My husband and I adopted our boy Seamus from Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon, who came to us in an utter state of confusion with poor basic command and socialization skills. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of Emily’s fun and interactive training style.

~Debra & Dan Mulrooney

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Emily is just an amazing person and trainer. She helped us in so many ways! She not only helped train our dog, she trained us which was the biggest part. She is passionate about animals and takes her work very seriously and it shows. Her ability to understand the psychology of an animal and read their body language was also a tremendous help. We feel much more secure with our dog at dog parks now. We were one of those helicopter pet owners that hovered over our pet worrying about every little thing so we were always reluctant to allow our pet to play at a dog park for fear of other dogs. Now, we are more laid back and it’s wonderful to see our dog play with other dogs and just have a great time! We have a very healthy, well behaved happy trained dog thanks to her and we are thrilled to make him more a part of everything we do than we ever have before. He goes with us just about everywhere. Thank you, thank you Emily!”

Melissa, Bill & Aidan