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What Do You Need Trained ????

Things Dogs Cannot Do While Sitting. Read for a few good laughs!

David Letterdog’s List of Things Dogs Cannot Do While Sitting

1. Jump up, lick, paw, bump, or goose family, friends, visitors, or strangers,
especially including the young and the elderly.
2. Bolt out of the front door or car.
3. Run off in the park.
4. Chase cars, cats, chickens, children, bicyclists, skate-boarders, horses, and other dogs.
5. Bully, bother, pester, or disturb people or other dogs.
6. Get underfoot, stepped on, or tripped over.
7. Mount other dogs, or be mounted by other dogs.
8. Slap a child in the face, or clear a coffee table of wine glasses with a waggy tail.
9. Fence-fight or scrap through the garden fence. .
10. Pace back and forth, chase its tail, or self-energize by running around like a
whirling dervish from window to couch, from couch to carpet, and from carpet to window, etc., while working itself into a feverish frenzy.

Extracted from Dr. Dunbar’s Good Little Dog Book(James & Kenneth, 2003)

Miara’s Pink Tail

My dog Miara is a pretty girl, I can say that confidently as she gets more compliments on how beautiful she is then I do on any average day. However recently Miss Miara got a bit of a make over, or up-grade I guess you could say. My lovely groomer friend has always joked about how fun she would be to dye, since she is all white.

Well last year she was Bolt for Halloween, with a black hair spray lighting bolt on her side. This year we wanted to make a bit more of a statement, I personally wanted to turn her into a Zebra, Jenna (groomer) wanted to tye-dye her. After asking Jenna how long the dye will stay on we came to our senses and took our ideas down a notch. Although having a tye-dyed dog would be fun, showing up at new clients’ home with her is not to professional. We came to a conclusion and Miara is now currently rocking a Screaming Pink tail and ears, I think it fits her quite well! She has the color but now needed a full costume, some ideas were: punk rocker, Diva, pink panther, playboy doggie? I scrambled through my costume box and found a pair of pink butterfly wings….perfect!! We attended a Halloween breakfast event where she got a ton of attention, but unfortunately did not take the win.

Its is not the dyeing of her tail or the attention of the Halloween party that inspired me to write this blog; it is the attention that Miara is now getting as she sports her pink tails and ears weeks after Halloween. She is now rocking her tail as a true Diva would rock her diamonds! We go to the dog park and people just point and say awwww, or oh my gosh and then of course Miara runs over to them for some petting. She gets so much attention that sometimes I worry her head is getting to big and wont fit out the gate of the park. Granted she does not even know that her own tail is pink, but she trots along thinking she is just the queen and EVERYONE loves her. She now gets triple the attention I do, but also helps as a great conversation starter, which has wrangled me a few new clients. Plus and added bonus is that as she trots along with her pink feather duster tail in the air, she makes me giggle! Oh’ I love my dog way to much

I want to be an Animal Trainer

(If this is you, read below)

Information provided by Professional animal trainer Emily Martin of Pawsitively Pets

A few facts about the biz:

* Working with animals will not make you rich; we do it because we love it.

*You will most likely have to work weekends, evenings and holidays.

*It is hard work and takes time to move up in the field. Do not expect to get to hang out with the monkeys or dolphins your first week or even first year.

*It is a messy and physical job. And yes, talking about poop at the dinner table becomes a regular topic J

What can you do now?

*Volunteer– the animal industry is competitive and not over abundant with jobs. Many places require you to volunteer or do an internship and will hire from employees from there.

To volunteer at places with exotic animal, most require you to be 18, but there are several other places to look into. Benes josef . Volunteering at the human society or a horse-riding program is a good start.

*My rule of thumb is: You can never show your face, dedication, and skills enough to a facility you would like to work at. You want to always be there, and in the back of their mind as much as possible, so when they see your name on an application they can put your face to the name.

*Classes: Look into classes offered at local zoo and Audubon society. Look for outdoor education programs, especially in the summer.


*The best school for Exotic animal training and care taking is Moorpark College in California. They have a program called Americas Teaching Zoo. It is basically like going to college on a zoo. Caprivi It is a well-rounded yet strenuous 2-year program.

*Colleges- Degree in wildlife management, Marine biology, zoology, animal science, and psychology are also great options to get a jump into the animal world.

Exotic animal training Resources:





Dog training resources:

http://www.triplecrowndogs.com/ The best for dogs